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Welcome to the Marketing, Social Media, PR, & Account Management Career Community!

If you enjoy learning about advertising and marketing as well as creating interest in products, services, or people to bring their message to life, you will likely be interested in the careers in this Community. This Career Community specializes in developing marketing materials or content to promote brand awareness, creating strategies to increase sales, conducting research to target prospective customers, and organizing events to promote a positive public image for organizations or people. The work varies from social media content creation to brand management to market research to managing relationships and more. 

Remember, almost every company in the world is in need of publicity for its products or services, so you don’t have to limit your internship or job search to a specific industry. 

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Marketing is the process of promoting the value of a product or service on behalf of a client, which includes strategic techniques, market research, and the right messaging for the target audience. Advertising is a component of the marketing process – it is the various forms of creative promotion used for persuading a specific audience toward a desired result. Advertisers can help clients determine how to describe their brand and identify the strategy to put forth the messaging for building awareness about that brand.

Well known for employing creative and talented people, the ad industry leads the forefront of using new technology to reach mass audiences. 

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Social Media Marketing refers to the use of social media and social networks to market products and services, as well as to build brand awareness for clients. Social media platforms offer companies a way to engage existing and reach potential customers, as well as to use data analytics tools to track the success of their branding efforts.

Technology allowing people around the world to stay in constant contact and immediately share photos, videos, and audio files has created a revolution in communications that has brought with it many new opportunities. In recent years, social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have played key roles in cultural, political, and social events while simultaneously opening the door for new ways of doing business.

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When a company considers trying something new, it turns to market researchers to help determine how well the change will go over with consumers. Market research analysts examine the buying habits, wants, needs, and preferences of consumers to recommend ways to improve products, increase sales, and expand customer bases. Are you seeking a job that involves keeping your finger on the pulse of what customers need and want? Then this is the field for you.

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Public relations specializes in packaging information and delivering it to specific target audiences while showing its clients—whether they are brands, corporations, or individuals—in the best light possible. Public relations professionals manage the communication from an organization to the public to as to strategically promote the desired image or message. They can provide service to businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals, and they are the go-to people for crisis management when a disaster strikes or a scandal breaks. 

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The world of sports is more than just a national pastime—it’s a powerhouse industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. Although not everyone may be qualified to become a star professional athlete, there are opportunities to build an exciting and dynamic career in sports. Sports Marketing is a niche sector of the sports industry, and it comprises the professionals who work to put sports into action at all levels.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of job opportunities within the sports and entertainment sector is expected to grow at a fast rate between 2022 and 2032, with more than 106,000 new positions anticipated each year. 

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Many organizations have a dedicated function that pursues opportunities for long-term growth and revenue from customers, markets, and relationships. This is known as account management or business development, and the most successful companies have a well-oiled department working on it at all times. Account Management professionals understand the fundamental drivers of the business, customers, partners, and competitors. Their insight is critical to making smart decisions in the pursuit of long-term business value. Whether working with an idea, product, service, or relationship, most business development roles are selling something at some point. The interplay among strategy, relationship management, and sales ultimately fuels the company’s growth path.

Sample Jobs:
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