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Aspire Program (Accelerated Success Professional Readiness Education)


The ASPIRE Program (Accelerated Success Professional Readiness Education Program) is a 3-step, self-paced internship prep certification. The program is designed to help students find internships and full-time positions.


How to Navigate ASPIRE

International Students: We have a unique program for you, called INSPIRE.

Required Modules

Complete the following modules and the assessments inside.

finding your community icon. three round icons forming a triangle, in each icon is the outline of a person. the icons are connected by lines.
outline of a notebook with an arrow and x's on it. The arrow is going around the x's.
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Check your progress:


Digital Badge

Earn a Digital certification badge that will look great on your LinkedIn and your resume.

Qualify for PAID Internships

Qualify to participate in Pace University’s PAID “Community Impact” Funded Internship Program.

Access 1000s of Internships

  • Access to 130,000+ positions
  • Alumni Mentoring
  • Employer Events
  • Career Fairs

Maximize Qualifications

Optimize your chances of being selected for interviews and getting hired!



Register for the Career Services “Explore Career Communities and Get Started on your Internship Search Workshop (in-person or via Zoom) to be guided in real time by a Career Counselor.



Complete a self-guided tour through the Career Communities and join 1-2 to receive exclusive alerts on internships, jobs, and employer events just for you! Reach out to Career Services any time.

ASPIRE: Express Pass to an Internship

During the Winter Break and Summer Break, we offer an Express Pass version of our ASPIRE Program. You can complete the ASPIRE Program in 3 weeks and get your badge by the start of the semester!

Important Information

When deciding the best time to begin your career preparation, consider internship hiring timelines.

  • Generally, mid-sized and smaller companies, non-profits/government, and start-ups hire a semester before the internship starts. 
  • Larger brand companies including accounting, financial services, banking, hospitals, big tech, and media brands have earlier recruitment deadlines. They can start recruiting for opportunities 1 year – 18 months in advance. 

We recommend starting no later than the 2nd semester of your 1st year & completing the program by end of January, as the “Community Impact” internships will be posted in February! 

Students must complete all required modules and assessments, as indicated in the steps below, to receive the ASPIRE digital certification badge and to be eligible to participate in the Community Impact Pace Funded PAID Internship program. Each module offers you the flexibility to choose between synchronous or asynchronous materials.

When will I receive my badge?

Digital Certification Badges will be distributed at the end of each month, so look out for an email from Credly to accept your badge.

Assessments for Badges

Career Community Entry Portal

Join your Career Community here and complete Step 1 of the ASPIRE & INSPIRE Programs.

Join your Career Community to …

Program Checklist

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Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Westchester Campus

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