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International Student Community


Welcome to the International Student Community!

Students from across the globe choose Pace as their destination for education and professional growth, embarking on a journey that propels them toward a promising career trajectory. While pursuing a top-tier education is paramount, participating in internships is the optimal strategy to ensure long-term career success. Our team at Pace Career Services is dedicated to supporting international students in navigating the U.S. work environment and assimilating into American professional culture through our innovative INSPIRE Program, an array of employer events, and personalized one-on-one career counseling sessions.

This community will provide extensive career resources, job and internship opportunities, and connections with Pace alumni mentors and other professionals. Ready to begin your career journey by participating in the Pace internship program? Get started with our mandatory INSPIRE Program:


The INSPIRE Program (International Student Professional Readiness Education Program) is an industry-recognized, badged internship and career success program exclusive to Pace, designed to help international students to find internships and full-time positions. INSPIRE is proven to empower international students to achieve extraordinary results in internships, jobs, and salary outcomes that exceed the national average by more than 10-15% each year!


Digital Badge

Earn a Digital certification badge that will look great on your LinkedIn and your resume.

Qualify for PAID Internships

Qualify for Pace-funded “Community Impact” PAID summer internship program.

CPT Eligibility

Gain CPT eligibility to intern and increase your chances of getting hired!

*The INSPIRE Program is required for CPT processing, so we recommend completing the required modules in your 1st academic semester. But it is never too late to begin! By the end of the INSPIRE program, you will know exactly how to get your first internship in the US!


How-to's & Online Guides

How to Speak about CPT/OPT with Employers

How to ask if you are eligible to apply for an internship or job
Do not ask. Instead:
How to …

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CPT (for International Students)

Online Tools

Templates and Samples

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