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Artistic & Creative: Arts and Design, Writing and Journalism, & Film, TV, and Music Production


Welcome to the Artistic & Creative: Arts and Design, Writing and Journalism, & Film, TV, and Music Production Career Community!

If you enjoy the process of creation and hold beauty in high esteem, wish to inspire others through art or create meaningful entertainment, evoke emotions, help others reflect or think critically about their experience, or simply communicate emotions or ideas through creativity, this is the Career Community for you! Members of this Community may participate in analyzing, creating, performing, or directing artistic productions, including literature, music, or the visual and performing arts. They may also pursue careers in the delivery of information via reportage, journalism, publishing, or media production. This Career Community brings together creative individuals pursuing a wide array of degrees and majors. In the Creative Career Community, you will find careers in which you could:

  • Compose music,
  • Perform in a band or a theatrical production,
  • Design graphics, fliers, or logos,
  • Design clothing or track and write about fashion or beauty trends
  • Capture and edit photographs,
  • Publish fictional or non-fictional works,
  • Report on the news,
  • Manage talent,
  • Curate museums or galleries, maintain archives, or design exhibits
  • Interpret or translate foreign language texts, audio, or live conversation, or
  • Produce, direct, or edit content for television or films, etc.

If such creative pursuits are of interest to you, join this Career Community and discover the wide variety of career paths awaiting you.

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Careers in this focus area include professionals who manage the business side of an artist or a cultural organization. Talent Managers work to connect the artists with their audiences. 

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