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Career and Student Communities

Step 1: Find your Community

No matter what you choose to study, you have many career paths in front of you, and Career Services can help you explore and narrow the options through our Career Communities. Career Communities are groups of careers that share common interests, skills, qualifications, and activities.

  • Learn about careers that match your interests
  • Identify skills for success and how to build those skills
  • Test-drive career options through hands-on learning opportunities
  • Attend employer events focusing on your desired career path
  • Find curated resources, like Pace departments and labs
  • Complete LinkedIn Learning courses and Micro-Internships
  • Receive alerts on internships, jobs, and employer events just for you
  • Find your people, including students and alumni mentors

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What are Career Communities?

Career Communities are groups of careers that share common interests, skills, qualifications, and activities. If you are interested in one career option, you may likely be interested in others within the same Community. By joining the Career Communities, you can: 

  • Pursue career goals that match your interests,
  • Major in what you love and get the internship and job you want,
  • Connect with people, information, and resources to explore interests and opportunities.


Click on the images below to explore career options and to pursue your career goals.

Management: operations, project management, HR, & hospitality graphic. outline of three people standing next to each other, with an arrow pointing up.

How to find your Career Community

To select a Career Community, consider what you would like to do professionally:

  • Would you like to create, teach, help, heal, advocate, sell, calculate, manage & develop, code, analyze, etc?
  • Then, determine which Community is likely to include career paths that may be of interest to you.
Career Community Finder Assessment image

Not sure which community to join? Use our:


This tool will help you discover Career Communities that best match your interests!

Or, visit the Undecided Career Community to discover more about your personality, values, interests, and skills, and to evaluate career options.

How to Join a Career Community

Join 1-2 Career Communities to receive exclusive alerts on internships, jobs, and employer networking events just for you:

*Select your Career Community and deselect “Undecided” to customize your email alerts.



International Students (F1 Visa Holders)

As your internship and future job must be related to your field of study, your Career Community should be as well. Think of your Career Community as your career goal, and select the goal that is most aligned to your major.

Domestic Students

No, a Pace degree prepares you for many career paths across various functional areas and industries. Your major at Pace will not limit you to a specific career path, and many students consider multiple interest areas during their time at Pace. The Career Communities operate across schools and majors and allow you to explore your interests and passions. So, you can major in what you love and pursue the internships & jobs you want! 

By joining a Career Community, you will

  • Explore careers that align with your interests.
  • Learn about which skills will help you qualify for your desired career path and how to build those skills.
  • Test-drive career options through hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Attend employer events focusing on your desired career path. 
  • Receive exclusive alerts on targeted internships, jobs, employer networking events just for you.
  • Find your people, including students in organizations, alumni mentors, and industry professionals!

Yes, in fact, you should test-drive Career Communities.

When you select a Career Community, there is no commitment. Try the Career Community in which you think you are interested by participating in skill-building activities, such as taking courses in different departments, joining student organizations, on-campus labs, micro-internships, or even internships!

Afterward, reflect on your experience and recalibrate your course. 

Change your mind? Update anytime or Schedule an Appointment

A Career Counselor can help you reflect on your experience and recalibrate your career trajectory. Schedule an appointment to evaluate your experience and course correct, as needed.

  1. Online via Handshake or,
  2. Call the Career Services front desk at 212-346-1950 for NYC and 914-773-3415 for PLV

What are Student Communities?

Student Communities are groups of students and alumni who share lived experiences. These pages provide customized content aimed at supporting your career development. Our resources are here to help you navigate the intersection of your identity and career trajectory and provide access to specialized programs that advance your professional development. As you may identify with multiple affinity groups, explore more than one community to ensure that you can access content that matches your lived experience. 

Click on the images below to explore the Student Communities and use the resources to advance your professional development. Explore these Communities anonymously, or feel free to ask a career counselor for support:

about to graduate graphic
international students graphic
latinx graphic

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