Dining and Professional Etiquette

Dining with a potential boss? It’s a little different than grabbing a slice with your friends. Check out the do’s and don’ts when having a meal with a future employer.

  • DO: Order foods that are easy to eat, like chicken, fish, or salad.
  • DON’T: Order foods sloppy or difficult to eat, like lobster, spaghetti, ribs, etc.
  • DO: Keep your napkin on your lap until the meal is finished. If you get up, place your napkin on the back of your chair or folded neatly on the chair.
  • DON’T: View the menu until your guest does.
  • DO: Remain standing until your guest sits.
  • DO: Project a positive and friendly attitude.
  • DO: Be a good active listener.
  • DO: Bring up these subjects in conversation: questions you have about your guest’s company, current events, sports/hobbies, movies, and books.
  • DON’T: Bring up religion, politics, or other controversial topics.

Did you know?

Employers view the meal as a time to judge how the candidate interacts with others. Table manners count! Be sure to take dining etiquette seriously.

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