Digital Branding Tips

Last weekend—that was a lot of fun, right? But do you want your future boss to see those pictures of you in the mosh pit? We thought so. Now’s the time to clean up your digital profile. Follow these steps to keep employers from finding the stuff that’s none of their business.

  • Untag yourself from those unflattering photos.
  • Block your friends from posting on your wall and be careful about your posts. Never comment or post negative things about your employer.
  • Check your privacy settings, and adjust accordingly. Friends of friends could be employed at your company of choice.
  • Remove groups and comments that are offensive.
  • Avoid posting inflammatory comments about politics, religion, etc.
  • Edit your information so that it is consistent with your resume.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Friend your mom or grandparents. (That might keep you from posting inappropriate things!)
  • Remember anything you add to your profile as text can show up in search results.
  • Hide your profile by using a nickname instead of your real one.
  • Google yourself to make sure you've cleaned up any digital dirt.

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